About Us

What Makes Us Unique?

Our system is different than a motivational or life coaching system ” it’s Business Coaching. It’s the tactile hands on system that works for many of the most successful real estate agents and brokers in the country. Rob’s daily phone call blast, coaching calls, effective scripts, easy to use contact management technology, the accountability program and more, all combine to create the most effective Real Estate Coaching Plan available. In other coaching programs you will hear terms like short sale, escrow, transaction coordinator. That information means nothing in Canadian Real Estate transactions.

Rob Vivian Coaching –
The Canadian Coaching Company for information that matters.

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Why it Works


Our programs include a high degree of accountability



Our programs use the fundamentals of business to help you succeed.



Our programs are jammed packed with informative info.




Daily wake up calls and morning emails keep you motivated!



We are committed to
your success.



Keep your clients coming back
for more.


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